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A Girl's LJ

Cess Tianne
5 September 1984
Name: Ann (boring like an article ... hah)
Nickname: Annie (better)
Alias: Cess, Cessy, etc.
Birthdate: September 5th, 1984
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon Sign: Capricorn
Mercury Sign: Virgo
Rising Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Wood Rat, Hour of the Ox
Hobbies in no particular order: Reading, playing, video games, music, manga, anime, astrology, rambling, and pondering.
Order of Birth: Only Child
Favorite Colors: Blues, silver, and purples (though not all shades of each).

Hi! If for some reason you are reading this, then you're probably interested in knowing a bit more about me. For starters, I think you're either strange or incredibly bored. That's okay, I like strange people, and if you're bored I'm providing myself with entertainment so you might as well attempt to be entertained in passing, too!

Anyway, as this is a pseudo-journal thing, this would be where I once in a great while decide to ramble about my life. I do mean ramble, by the way. When I do ramble, it is often complaining/whining/etc. though I try to keep most things I think (and thus put down here) balanced between good and bad. Mostly I use this thing to keep up on happenings of friends (nosy little creature that I am), so if you're expecting something fascinating on a regular basis you're in the wrong place. But if that doesn't bother you, go ahead and stick around.

Beyond that, I'm not particularly good at initiating socializations, considering that I'm extremely shy, so even amongst friends I can be fairly quiet unless poked into talking. That's good, though, because once I start, I don't really ever shut up. That's a fair warning for everyone that deals with me. Also, I tend to think I'm funnier than I really am. I'm bad with words and am an overall communication failure. Stuff sounds and looks good until I put it out for others to experience and then it can be quite confusing and not in the obscure poetic way, either.